Pastry and puddings

I thought that it might be nice to do something different. As I love food I decided maybe a baking course but that turned out to be fully booked. So what options available… Turns out we have a great semi-local cooking school at Ashburton in the UK. So being my normal impulsive self on Friday I called them and booked a weekend of pastry and puddings starting the next day. Of course I had to drag my long suffering wife with.

It was a blast!! I got to play with lots of dough, chocolate, knives and lots of other things…. just like my childhood just less screaming.. sort of… Our chef instructor was brilliant and we didn’t have to wash anything or even measure ingredients. They prepared it all and washed it all. We got to mix, bake and have fun. So you ask what things did you make.

Shortcrust pastry, Sweet pastry, Creme Patisserie, Spelt bread, Lemon Posset, Panna Cotta, Chocolate Fondant Puddings, Pecan Shortbread, Chocolate Chip cookies, Roasted Vegetables & Goats cheese tart, Choux Pastry, Pizza, Foccacia bread, Fruit tartlets, Sticky toffee pudding, Profiteroles, Eclairs and Chocolate sauce. Pictures to prove it actually happened: