Run Don’t Walk

One day we were asked to go out to a remote station in the middle of the bush veldt. We drove and soon we were in amongst long grass following a small bumpy sand road towards our destination. We parked up when the road ended and got out. My colleague headed off towards the station at a slow jog. Strange, but it was a new job so I followed keeping pace. We reached a small clearing and stopped. My expression must have given me away because he smiled and proceeded to explain why he jogged. It seems that most snakes will hear you coming when you take a trip through the veldt. Most, but not all. Seems there is a lazy snake called a puff-adder. This snake likes to lie about in the sun and seems to know that it’s very venomous and expects everybody to avoid it. Being a lazy sort it’s often trodden on. This of course makes it a bit grumpy and it promptly bites. A bite from this snake can kill, especially when you are a distance form anti-venom. So the answer to this for the experienced people in the bush veldt is to take a slow jog. If you step on Mr. Puff-adder and he decides to strike, chances are good that you will already be away. Of course this also means you shouldn’t follow too closely the person in from of you, because now the snake is upset and fully awake.