Runaway Chicken

Once upon a time a father decided to go to the shop to find his poor children some food as the cupboard was bare. His wife very bravely had left him in charge whilst she was away and this included feeding the hungry animals that resided in their house.

A quick trip to and search through the local place that supplies foodstuffs revealed some lovely hot garlic and herb chickens. As this was potentially nutritious and saved on cooking implement wear ,which was of course very important, the decision was made.

After picking up a few other small items that could help to pacify the ravenous horde, he made his way to the last till in the queue as he only had a few items and the sign said 10 or less. After a small wait he was assisted and things were rung up. He moved around and started packing the few things he had purchased.

As he picked up the newly purchase hot chicken he felt the bag growing suddenly lighter. Oh no!! The chicken was making a dash for freedom. A loud splat followed by sauce flying around ensued. The chicken’s sudden dash for freedom had ended on the till counter. The shop assistant looked on horrified and called for a supervisor. The supervisor took one look and went back to announced “cleaner required at the tills”. Indeed, it seems everyone must at some stage be responsible for a shop announcement and this was his.

The assistant seemed to calm down a bit and asked “Do you want that one, or do you want another?”. The father looked at her and said “I think another one, as this one seems to want to stay here”. The assistant then grabbed a bag and carefully picked up the chicken with it and started placing it in another bag. The cleaning lady arrived and grabbed piles of new splattered bags and started throwing them into a big bag. Shortly a new chicken arrived and was carefully placed in a bag and handed over. Order was restored, the father could feed his animals and the next customer could be served.