Plane on the Snakes

It had just finished with a summer downpour in the bush veldt. The hot tar roads were hazy as the water turned into steam. Dusk had just crept in and we were driving back home from shopping a hundred miles away. Noticing a small lump in the road I made no effort to avoid it. A Kudu, cow or some other larger animal would of course have resulted in a sharpish stop, but lumps were of no concern. Then another appeared, and another. Slowing down was advised and so I did. Then a rather loud pop, followed by another. Now that I had slowed down I could see the whole road was writhing, not quite normal. The car now started to slide a bit and it took a bit of effort and concentration to keep it on the road whilst slowing down. Then it cleared and I was able to slow down and stop. Getting out, and looking back I realised what was going on. Large frogs were taking advantage of the heat of the road and were crawling, hopping and lazing about on the hot surface. A few snakes had emerged and were gorging themselves on the bountiful meal. The loud pops I heard were frogs that the tire caught from the front and the air pressure caused them to pop. Remembering a movie I saw I was careful when opening the door, and after making my way home double checked the car to see if any passengers had made it aboard.