German Food

I recently traveled to Munich in Germany for meetings. Of course I only know about 3 words of German so it always makes it interesting. Arriving early evening I thought I would get something to eat. The hotel people seemed to think I should try a local restaurant. Of course the directions I was given were simple, turn left and a bit up the road, a few meters away, and then I would find a local restaurant. Needless to say I walked about half a mile without finding anything. Seems my direction was out or I was not suitably up to German short distance standards. Oh well, never mind I would try something in the hotel. Of course the one host spoke no english and the other a bit. Still their english was far superior to my German. Pizza was one option but “been there done that” so I asked about the other option. A discussion ensued with me eventually understanding that Bavarian meat was the other option. By this time the one person said they would get the dish for me too look at. When it arrived it looked like a thick slice of bread with an egg on top with potato salad. Interesting. It took a bit to convince my hosts I was happy with this. Turns out the “bread” was a type of Bavarian sausage. It was good! Definitely getting that next time I am in the area.