Alone In The Park

Once upon a time we used to take the rug-rats to the park. This was not as you may think primarily for their entertainment, in fact this was just a happy byproduct of the real reason. What we managed to do in a park was get them out of our hair for a few minutes. They could run free thinking we had done a wonderful thing for them and we could get a bit of time off to contemplate how we landed up where we were at that time. Breath a bit of fresh air and try to build up the energy to continue on with life. Two birds one stone.

Of course now the tables have turned. The progeny have grown older and they now show an interest in the opposite gender. This had led to an interesting situation where I recently landed up in a park so they could be alone, apparently I was a spare wheel they wanted out of their hair. They were contemplating life together and instead of carefree wandering about the park I found myself thinking about what they would be getting up to. Seems what goes around comes around is still on the go… At least I know they will one day sit in a park and contemplate the same thing.